Radio Laws Against Limo Hire Companies

We all love listening to the radio in the car don't we? It makes driving fun and it turns our car into our own private recording studio, with the emphasis on private of course. And it is always nice to have the radio on while you work, it make it feel a little less like work and makes the day seem to go quicker.

However, a vehicle service and repair company is facing 200,000 of legal action from the Performing Right Society because they have been playing the radio at their premises. The radio stations will organise payments and royalties with the artists and the hosts on their stations and they are obviously feeling that having their hard work enjoyed in a commercial setting is unfair.

The service and repair company has their own customers who come and go through their premises during the working day and their mood, their attitude and their buying decisions are all enjoyed to the background sounds of the local radio station. So the PRS feels the radio station should be reimbursed for being able to entertain and influence customers' buying decisions. Maybe they are basing this on the research which has shown that the music playing in a store can make customers stay longer, and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy something.

However, you also need to be aware about whether the limousine hire company you are dealing with has the right to play the radio during your limo ride. If the company where they have their limousines serviced and repair can be fined for playing the radio to their customers, limo hire passengers wanting a little travelling music may be cut short.

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